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"Romano’s debut swims with emotion, and Lima’s introspective narration will draw readers into her exhilarations and anxieties. Fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han won’t want to miss this sensitive exploration of romantic and platonic relationships in flux, and young women coming into their own.”

From Kirkus Books:

"The novel's heart is in the right place: beating hard and fast as the author examines the implosion of a long-term friendship. ... provocative bits of narrative tissue, needling both of the protagonists and eliciting emotional, intellectual and sexual awakenings. By novel's end, both young teens are closer to the women they will eventually become. Whether or not their friendship endures is up to readers to decide. An emotionally rich coming-of-age love story.”

The Los Angeles Review of Books:

"With descriptions that are rich, intimate, and a pure pleasure to read...[Juliana Romano] captures the awkwardness of teenagers grappling with feelings for which they have no language yet. In Nate and Lima, young readers will find a relationship that is both deliciously dreamy and achingly real."